Benefits of Pineapple Juice

Benefits of pineapple juice

Pineapple is one of the most beloved tropical fruits in the world it derives its name from an uncharacteristic blend of two languages –Spanish and English named by Spanish queen Isabella in 1493 after Christopher Columbus brought it from the island of Guadeloupe. This very delicious tropical fruit comes from a tropical plant (ananas comosus) that grows in warm climates all over the world, that makes them more affordable (unlike seasonal fruits) and available year-round and it has plenty of health benefits for you to enjoy these wonderful benefits you should make your fresh pineapple juice at home.  

Nutritional value/facts 

Not only is it packed with flavour but it is also packed with abundant nutrients that give it some magical properties and making it excellent for your overall health. Here are some of the most important nutritional elements in pineapple:  

Bromelain enzymes:  

A group of protein-digesting enzymes and is being used to treat medical ailments for centuries  

Also nowadays people tend to use it as a supplement for various health benefits. Bromelain has many therapeutic applications like relieving sinusitis, treating osteoarthritis, has an anti-inflammatory effect and anti-cancer effects, it also enhances digestion and losing weight also has good effects on cardiovascular and circulation functions. 


Pineapple is a source of important vitamins like:  

Vitamin C: pineapple contain a high amount of vitamin C the primary water-soluble antioxidant, defending all aqueous areas of the body against free radicals that attack and damage the normal cell, the vitamin helps in maintaining the immune system. 

And the other vitamins are vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B6. (And pineapple provides you with high percentages of the daily value for those vitamins). 


Pineapple is packed with a variety of minerals, including:  

Manganese: a mineral that’s important for developing strong bones and connective tissues and prevent osteoporosis (pineapple is containing over 70% of the amount of manganese we should ingest per day). And the other important minerals are magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and copper.  

Dietary Fibers:  

Pineapple is an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fibers: 

Insoluble fiber, the cellulose that our body cannot digest, but it supports a healthy digestive system and promote a sense of fullness, the soluble fiber attracts water slow down the food movement in the intestine and makes the body absorbs more nutrients from food. 

Here are approximate nutritional percentages per 1 cup, chunks (165g):  

Protein :0.9 g, calories : 82.5, total carbohydrate: 21.6 g , magnesium: 19.8 mg, vitamin C : 78.9 mg, calcium: 21.5 mg , phosphorus: 13.2 mg, potassium: 180 mg, sodium: 1.7 mg, zinc: 0.2 mg, manganese: 1.5 mg , sugar: 16.3 g, starch 0.0 g, dietary fiber : 2.3 g, iron : 0.5 mg. 

8 Scientific health benefits of pineapple

  1. for healthy bones, joints and teeth:     

Pineapple contains manganese and calcium that is essential for building healthy strong bones and the connective tissues around. Copper, another mineral active in an enzyme necessary for the production of collagen and elastin both connective tissue proteins that important for healthy joints and it is particularly helpful to older adults, whose bones tend to become brittle with age. And for arthritis, a 2004 clinical study found bromelain in pineapple is a useful treatment for osteoarthritis, possibly for its anti-inflammatory effects. Consuming pineapple also showed excellent result in Reliving pain and ease symptoms ofarthritis.         

  • Boost your immune system   :   

Antioxidants activate white blood cells and suppress inflammation it also contains a high amount of vitamin C which is a vital nutrient. According to Oregon state university, it can stimulate the production of white blood cells, helping your body fight off pathogens and the vitamin to your diet has also been shown to shorten the duration of colds and reduce inflammation that boosts the immune system making it more resistant to diseases and infections. 

  • Fighting against cancer            :  

Studies have shown this juice to contain anti-cancer agents such as the beta carotene, and bromelain can prevent the formation of tumors, reduce their growth and may stimulate cell death in certain cancer cells, antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, remove free radicals and prevent cell damage and all these can protect the body from prostate, breast, colon cancer and other types of cancers. It’s also one of the recommended fruits for cancer patients during chemotherapy.  

  • Promote heart health:                  

Pineapple juice has a beneficial effect on many cardiovascular and circulation problems like arteriosclerosis, blood clots and hypertension. 

For the arteriosclerosis, the detoxifying effect helps to clean arteries and the antioxidants scrape out LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and lower cholesterol. Some studies suggest that bromelain may help reduce high blood pressure, preventing the formation of blood clots and minimize the severity of angina pectoris and transient ischemic attacks. Pineapple is loaded with minerals, fiber, potassium and vitamins ensure proper heart function.  

  • Detoxify your body:       

Pineapple facilitate bowel movement and it is also a natural diuretic and the antioxidants work on getting rid of free radicals all these factors help detoxify, release and flush out toxins from the body.

It is also great for detoxifying liver since that pineapple can work as a hepato -protective agent (hepato -protective agents are compound that have mechanisms to repair and protect the liver because it contains phenol, vitamins and bromelain enzymes. So adding pineapple juice to your daily wellness program will help stimulate your body’s natural detoxifying process.    

  • Healthy eye vision:   

Pineapple is a superb source of vitamin C and Beta-carotene (that human body converts it into vitamin A) and researches suggest it may be particularly beneficial for eye health. drinking pineapple juice regularly can protect the eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration also a study found that eating 3 or more servings of pineapple a day may lower your risk of ARMD (age-related macular degeneration) a retinal disorder that is leading to cause vision loss in older adults). Also, pineapple has shown excellent result in treating eye floaters and Vitamin C is a key for eye health and it contributes to healthy blood vessels in the eyes and vitamin A particularly important for maintaining lubricated corneas.        

  7. Boost the health of your kidney:   

 Pineapple is low in potassium, very low in sodium and phosphorus, so it’s a superb fruit choice for a kidney diet. It is also a natural diuretic that means it helps the kidney to detoxify and clean out the waste and make it functioning well. It also helps in dissolving kidney stone. And can prevent their formation in the kidney. Pineapple is also recommended for dialysis patients.  

8. Relive nausea and morning sickness for pregnant women who usually experience nausea. Pineapple can have nausea – relieving effect, attributed to high amounts of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B6 that helps relieve the symptoms of pregnancy-induced nausea.  

Pineapple juice and digestion system 

Pineapple juice has been used to treat indigestion for centuries in South America. Since it has abundant of fibres (both soluble and insoluble) soluble fibre attracts water in the gut, slowing down absorption. During this process, the digestive tract can absorb all the vitamins, minerals from food and the other insoluble fiber push out waste and facilitate their passage through the intestine line so it can solve some constipation problems. Pineapple stimulates the production of gastric juice help to dissolve food (bromelain enzymes help in breaking down proteins and make it easier to absorb them (proteins are the primary cause of all digestive troubles). Bromelain can also guard and protect the gut from harmful, diarrhea-causing bacteria such as E-coli and V-cholera, so it significantly helps to fight against diarrhea. It can help relieve stomach aches, acid reflux and heartburn.  

Pineapple juice and weight loss:   

Pineapple is low in calories, carbohydrates and does not include saturated fats or Trans fat. Here is how pineapple can help you lose weight naturally filling but not heavy you can fill up with the juice, so it satisfies your sweet tooth and helps you eat less and curbs your appetite because it keeps you feeling full. Since the juice is fat free, cholesterol-free and low in sodium making it your best alley in losing weight. And it boosts metabolism, also the presence of bromelain helps in metabolize protein and burn excess fat around the abdominal area. Therefore pineapple juice is used to reduce stomach bloating and fight belly fat. 

Pineapple juice with a cold, cough and sore throat:  

Enzymes in pineapple work against cough and sore throat and vitamin C help to suppress inflammation, protect the body and fight against viruses. And also because of the bromelain, it can reduce mucus in the throat and nose, eliminating phlegm and any infections. So if you have a cold with a productive cough a mixture of pineapple and ginger roots is the best remedy.  

Pineapple juice and skin 

Pineapples are rich in alpha-hydroxyl acids and a high concentration of vitamin C, which can boost the production of collagen. And the juice is a natural hydrating agent that replenishes the skin from the inside, healing and rejuvenate skin cells. The antioxidants treat acne, sun damage, and black spots. Also, vitamin C can correct PH levels in the skin. Pineapple has anti-ageing properties that reduce wrinkles and keep the skin tight, firmer and flexible and glowing.  

How to prepare pineapple juice 

There are many ways to prepare the juice you can mix it with ginger roots, with carrot and with lemon. 

  And here is an easy one:  

  • Pineapple slices  
  • Sugar (to taste) 
  • Honey (one teaspoon) 

Cut the pineapple slices to smaller pieces – put in the blender  

Add sugar and honey, blend well – filter the pulp and the healthy juice is ready.  

Risks and side effects:   

Drinking too much pineapple juice can result in tenderness of the mouth, including the lips, tongue and cheeks and also can damage the mucus membrane in the mouth and slow the production of mucus, overdosing in pineapple may lead to diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or heartburn. Some people may have an allergy to pineapple, excessive-high amounts of bromelain in the body can cause skin rashes and extreme menstrual bleeding and it interacts with many drugs like antibiotics, anticoagulants, blood thinners and anticonvulsants.  


Please note that the benefits mentioned above are of freshly extracted pineapple juice, the packed pineapple juices available in the market may not contain all the essential nutrients. And processing pineapple juice destroys the enzyme bromelain in them. Further, they may contain additives that can hurt your health. 

 Bottom line:  

Fresh pineapple juice is not just a refreshing, delicious drink, but it has several components and enzymes that help keep you in a good health and treat various health problems so add the juice to your diet to get all the healing powers and amazing health benefits that it offers.