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Benefits Of Eating Dates

10 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Dates

Dates have always been known to possess healing powers which was already discovered a long time ago. They are very beneficial for your health, but besides those powers there is another reason to consume this fruit and that is its amazing taste. Iraq is known to have date palms since a long time ago. Dates […]

Does Green Tea have Caffeine

Does Green Tea have Caffeine?

Green tea is a type of tea tree tea, Camellia sinensis, it is also the same plant that produces black tea, white tea and oolong. Green tea differs from black tea and oolong tea in its production in that it is heated to prevent the oxidation and the characteristic taste and aroma of black tea. […]

benefits of Amla Juice

12 Things You Should Know About Amla Juice

Indian gooseberry, or more commonly known as Amla berry, is an immensely beneficial fruit for the human body. While its commonly available everywhere, you can more conveniently find it in Indian grocery stores if you live in a non-subcontinental part of the world. One of the best health benefits of amla juice that its rich […]

Beetroot And Carrot juice health benefits

8 Reasons why you should drink Beetroot and Carrot Juice

Beetroots and carrots are nature’s own tonic for health and beauty. The two vegetables are plump with benefits on their own, but their benefits multiply when they are used together in form of beetroot and carrot juice. With its deliciously vibrant color, beetroot and carrot juice can do wonders for your skin, hair, and overall […]

Turmeric Milk Health Benefits

7 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Turmeric Milk

From the ancient times of the Egyptian beauty queen called Cleopetra to today’s advice of famous beauty gurus, dieticians, and nutritionists, turmeric milk has been a common popularity. Turmeric milk is basically a mixture of milk and turmeric powder, and is also known as the ‘Golden Milk’, which refers to its golden color as well […]

Benefits Of Green Tea With Lemon

10 Reasons Why Green Tea With Lemon Is Good For a Healthy Life

Green tea is something that goes without saying is a boon for your health. Native to India and China Green tea has been cheered and acclaimed enthusiastically for its health benefits which include containing beneficial polyphenols and the tea itself being made from unoxidized leaves which has the most antioxidants. But what most people don’t […]

Benefits of Apple cider vingar for hair

6 Amazing Things Apple Cider Vinegar do for your Hair

Apple cider vinegar has a reputation of bringing benefits into and on your body from weight loss, toxin removal to a magical elixir for your hair. It is a natural remedy made by combining crushed apples, yeast and bacteria, fermenting the apples into acetic acid making it an incredibly famous in the natural health community. […]