Benefits of ginger with lemon Tea

Benefits of Ginger with Lemon Tea

The beverage tea drinking habit have been around since a very long time, it is believed that the first invention of tea was in the regions of southwestern China more than 2000 BC where it was firstly consumed for its medicinal purposes, but since then this amazingly refreshing beverage is introduced to customs and cultures all over the world. And now it is consumed by almost two thirds of the world’s population which made tea the most popular beverage all around the planet.

The timeless enjoyment of drinking a cup of tea is a sweet addition to our everyday activities, and it is also advantageous to both our bodies and souls. The first plant that was used in the preparation of tea is an evergreen bush that goes by the scientific name Camellia Sinensis,the shrub is widely known as the tea plant but it is not the only source that been used to prepare tea; there are other ingredients that are steeped into water in order to get tea as a final product, for example there is herbal tea where special types of herbs are used to make tea that possesses medical or relieving benefits, and also there are teas made from plants or fruits through the process of infusion. The wide spread of this drink helped with diversifying the ways it is been drunk and also the ingredients that are used, even though there is a wide verity of ingredients but they are all been chosen because of some believed benefits, the benefits can range from simply owning a calming effect to the more significant usage of some tea types in traditional medicine. Two of the most noteworthy ingredients that are used to make quality tea are ginger and lemon, the beverage made of these two is high in value when it comes to nutrients plus it is an excellent substitute for caffeinated drinks.

Ginger and Lemon Advantageous and More

Roots of a flowering plant

Ginger origins and early uses are followed back to Island Southeast Asia, with the spice trade it spread all over the world and widely used as a spice and also in many places it is used as a folk medicine.The different ways the ginger roots are utilized from fresh to powdered were of great aid in introducing it to many of our foods’ recipes, ginger is also believed to be very advantageous to the health of the body and also to that of the brain, and the studies that were conducted in investigating the alleged benefits of the ginger roots confirmed that it is packed with nutrients and bioactive components.

The nutritional facts withinthe raw ginger root

(The values are per 100 grams of the raw roots)

Energy333 KJ 
Carbohydrates17.77 grams 
Protein1.82 gram 
Water79 grams 
VitaminsQuantityThe Daily Value percentage %
B60.16 milligrams12 %
Vitamin C5  milligrams6 %
Vitamin E0.26  milligrams2 %
MineralsQuantity The Daily Value percentage %
Calcium16 milligrams2 %
Iron 0.6 milligrams5 %
Zinc0.34 milligrams4 %

Known for its distinctive earthy taste that have a kick to it, and famous for its use in traditional medicine, ginger roots encouraged researches to its direction and many of the benefits are even scientifically proven, like the powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant impact that the Gingerolpossesses which is the primary bioactive compound within the ginger roots, impressive study results have shown it owns a powerful anti-diabetic characteristics like the ability to lower the blood sugar levels, and last but not least the researches about the 6-gingerol this substance which ginger contains may own properties protective against some cancer types. One of the popular ways utilized to consume ginger is ginger tea or some herbal tea types that contain ginger as a main ingredient or a secondary one.

Round fruit, lemon 

Lemonade, lemon meringue pie, and other delicious treats are present thanks to this yellow fruit that is sour in taste, described as one of the richest sources of vitamin C and a main ingredient in every cuisine. Lemon’s scientific name is Citrus Limon the plant is of the family Rutaceae, proven to have various health benefits the fruit is also widely used to add flavor to many dishes.

Nutritional values

The values are for a raw lemon that weights 100 grams

Energy121 KJ 
Protein1.1 gram 
Dietary Fiber 2.8 grams 
VitaminsQuantityDaily Value Percentage %
Vitamin C53 milligrams64 %
Vitamin B60.08 milligrams6 %
Choline5.1 milligrams1 %
MineralsQuantityDaily Value Percentage %
Potassium138 milligrams3 %
calcium26 milligrams3 %
Iron0.6 milligram5 %

Because of the distinctive taste and the sourness of the fruit it is not common to be consumed alone, an excellent way is making tea of lemon or just adding fresh lemon juice into hot water this some sort of a tea mixture is of marvelous cleansing properties that benefit the health, despite its simplicity it is one of the best ways to take advantage of the antioxidants within the fruit.

Ginger with Lemon Tea

A general overview

A cup of tea solves just about anything, although it is just a saying, the tea drinking habit might actually help with relaxation because of the soothing effect that the tea have on our nervous system. And in many cultures tea have actually been part of the local traditions; an obvious example is the customs that bonds offering tea as a gentle form of generosity in the East, also the visible contribution of the habit in the Western culture is seen in the major role that tea plays as an important part of the British culture. From the East to the West and not to forget its origins in china the tea drinking habit drove attention towards it, which gave rise to a verity of tea types and the different ways that it is prepared and served; various ingredients are introduced to make different teas such as herbal tea that contains herbs of specific properties sometimes medicinal. Ginger roots and the lemon fruit, the two ingredients are the primary components of an exceptional tea drink that is proven to be a remarkable detox.

Recipes to make tea with ginger and lemon

Simple yet incredibly effective, that is how ginger with lemon tea is described by the many that made it an essential part of their diet. The ingredients can be as basic as; the fresh ginger roots, fresh and juicy ripe lemon fruit, and hot water, a popular recipe is to slice the ginger roots and place proper quantity of the slices in a mug, cut a lemon fruit in half and squeeze the juice of one half in the mug, finally add hot boiling water to the ingredients in the mug and leave to steep or wait until it is at a proper temperature for sipping,an optional spoon of honey or other sweetener can also be added. Another method to make ginger with lemon tea is by the use of an infuser, the tea infuser is filled with the slices of both the ginger roots and lemon fruit and is placed on a mug that contains boiling water, wait for a while until the fresh ingredients work their magic and then the detox tea is ready for use.

Benefits of Drinking Ginger with Lemon Tea

Advantages regarding our bodies’ health

The soothing bursts of flavor that are within the drink are indeed of special impact on the body, and the rejuvenating effect ginger and lemon tea provides is delightfully refreshing to both the body and soul. The phenomenal advantages to the health are a direct result of the natural ingredients, but the way these ingredients are prepared participate in enhancing the benefits; here we mean how ginger and lemon are made into tea. And to have a glance at the benefits of drinking ginger lemon tea, it is important to know some of the benefits that are backed with studies:

  • The benefits to the immune system, these are due to the high levels of antioxidants that are present in both the ginger roots and the lemon fruit, the tea can give a strong boost to the functionality of our immunity system. As a citrus fruit lemon is filled with good quantities of Vitamin C, the anti-inflammatory properties of the substance are treasure in helping our immune system fight diseases anddifferent types of infections.The tea is an operative antibiotic and turned out to be highly effective not only in soothing but also in the healing process of diseases such as cold and the flu, and used in accelerating the recovery of wounds.
  • Studies have shown that the tea is effective when used to treat liver disease as part of an individual-based therapy plan, because of the cleansing characteristic that ginger and lemon have which is promoting to the overall health of the liver.
  • The aromatic properties of both ginger roots and lemon have a distinctive effect on freshening the breathes of the regular consumers, the tea made from ginger and lemon have a good smell to it, and can be good when suffering from issues such as those related to bad breath or just to enjoy its nice freshening aroma.
  • Advantages that are related to burning more calories and maintaining a healthier weight, ginger can make you feel less hungry thus decreasing the urge for a snack, and lemon is great when it comes for its ability to regulate the blood glucose levels by increasing the insulin resistance and the fruit is effective when used in a diet that’s aiming to reduce the body fat.
  • Everyday consumption of the tea can notably improve your heart health, the antioxidants within are proven to enhance the blood flow in the arteries by preventing the occurrence of blood clotting. A regular and proper consumption of vitamin C can drastically reduce risks related to strokes and heart attacks, plus ginger anti-inflammatory effects can promote blood circulation.
  • The tea’s naturallylenitive impact is great in relieving menstrual cramps, and it is a natural pain killer that is also a good addition in our everyday feel good habits.
  • Ginger with lemon tea is a wonderful remedy for degrading the symptoms of nausea, fatigue and vomiting that are associated with conditions like motion sickness, pregnancy or chemotherapy. 
  • The alkaline impact of the tea is remarkably aiding in maintaining a good cholesterol level in the blood, and healthy teeth and gum, despite the acidic nature of the lemon but when you drink the tea it gets metabolized and alkalizes the body.

The mind and spirit

The tea made from ginger and lemon is perfect to replace unhealthy caffeinated drinks, but its’ benefits to our minds go beyond just a small kick of caffeine and energy:

  • The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the ginger and lemon tea detox are not just limited to enhancing our immune system, but a recent study have shown that ginger is able to improve the functionality of the memory of those who are middle aged, and may help with optimizing cognitive functions. This is amazing for those who drink the tea on a daily basis and can actually delay and reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • When having mood swings and or suffering from stress, a cup of tea is highly advised, and the ginger and lemon tea take it one more step further in lowering the stress levels, this is because of the aromatherapeutic characteristics of lemon.
  • And finally one can’t deny the naturally calming effect of a cup of the tea when dealing with a peeve, ginger with lemon tea have a special warm feeling to it that might just be what you need.

It’s a tasty beverage all year round, pleasantly warming when sipped hot in the cold winter days, and can be iced in summer when a refreshing treat is craved the most.A great choice of drink that’s fairly good to the body and mind,the tea that’s made of ginger roots and lemon is all goodness and more, and one should definitely consider it.