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Magnesium Citrate For Constipation, Sleep, Weight Loss…

We all know that magnesium citrate has been the first substance to help people overcome their constipation issues. It has been a very low molecular weight compound, made from natural extracts. Magnesium keeps on being one of the minerals and elements we have in our bodies. However, when it comes to constipation issues, there must […]


Benefits of Black Seed Oil for Hair Growth and Body Health

Black seeds, also known as kalonji in many eastern countries, are one of the magic ingredients that can cure almost anything. black seed oil benefits for hair are known and acknowledged worldwide along with its other benefits that range from beauty purposes to medical remedies. In fact, the seeds have been found to prevent chronic […]

Chia Seeds

Benefits Of Chia Seeds In Water

Chia seeds is originated from North and South America, especially from Mexico and Guatemala. The name chia which means strength is a reflection that Chia seed contains a number of amino acids. The protein content of Chia seeds is about 20% as well as strontium, which helps to aid protein production and also help produce […]