Black Seed Oil Side Effects on kidney skin liver and more

Black Seed Oil Side Effects On Kidney, Skin, Liver… And More

People from the Middle East and Asia discovered the power of black seed oil a long time ago. This oil is so pure that you can add it to any cosmetic procedure and become beautiful and fresh.

The black seed oil is well known for helping obese people to lose their extra pounds. Additionally, it helps people deal with diabetes and cancer issues that may threaten their life. That is why we need to see what is black seed oil in the first place.

Many civilizations refer to black seed oil as caraway or black onion seeds. It is a flower that grows in the Middle East and Asia having white or purple color, and its scientific name is Nigella Sativa.

The substance that makes a difference in black seed oil is thymoquinone. This compound shows some of the best cancer reducing abilities. At the same time, it can help you overpass your inflammation issues, especially the ones that develop over your sensitive skin.

Many people are also using it for cooking with a tasty effect on their food. However, this review is about to examine the possible side effects of black seed oil on your kidneys, skin, and liver function. 

Black seed oil side effects on kidney

Even though black seed oil seems to be innocent and beneficial, there are some risks associated with its use. You need to know the physiology of kidneys so that you can understand the negative side effect of black seed oil on them.

In a healthy person, kidneys are the organs where the blood gets filtered. This procedure happens almost six times every passing minute. In other words, all your blood volume will pass from your kidneys at least 360 times per hour. 

It is a fact that happens to reduce to people that have an abnormally working type of kidney. Many people also suffer from kidney failure and have only one working kidney to filter their blood, producing urine that secretes through the urinary tract.

Black seed oil may create a higher blood volume since it can attract more water molecules in the bloodstream. It can create a tougher situation for your kidneys to filter the total blood volume. Thus, urine creation may become more difficult than normal.

Not to mention that the presence of black seed oil could easily create a kidney stone issue to people that have such a medical history. Black seed oil can make your bloodstream more acidic, which is the initial step for kidney stone creation.

Additionally, black seed oil may be the reason why many people are getting swollen due to reduced kidney function. This oil is dangerous for people that have an over-stimulated immune system. The leukocytes that are apparent in the kidney organs can diminish the ability of kidneys to filter the blood.

It is a situation where the vessels are getting aggravated by a higher blood volume and produce swollen areas in many parts of your body. It is a side effect from the use of black seed oil that needs to disappear should people need to find their perfect health.

Finally, black seed oil overdose has a negative impact on kidney function. Especially, people that suffer from kidneys inactivity and receive medications for that situation are getting hurt the most. Black seed oil can drain your kidneys from the right minerals, which are necessary for water-blood transportation through the cellular membranes.

Ensure that you are drinking a lot of water when you are suspicious of having a black seed oil overdose. It will give you the chance to have more minerals available for your kidneys, like Calcium and Potassium, that will restore the kidney filtering rate you need. 

Black Seed oil side effects on skin

Black Seed Oil Side Effects on kidney skin liver and more

While the use of black seed oil in cosmetics can be beneficial for your skin, there are times when overdose could become disastrous. Especially when you consume black seed oil in recipes, you are vulnerable to allergic reactions that can reflect on your skin.

These allergic reactions are well-known and described as Knidos, which is an acute dermatological condition that requires immediate hospitalization. Many people are suffering from an overactive immune system that can identify the black seed oil molecules as potential invaders to their bodies.

The black seed oil has no other antidote than the intravenous cortisone diffusion, which has to occur right upon the Knidos diagnosis. Some people are also developing a dull skin upon consumption of black seed oil.

Dehydration is the common side effect of black seed oil overdose that can reflect upon your skin. Many people that see their facial skin to lose its brightness could be because they have digested a large portion of black seed oil.

In some teenagers that suffer from acne, black seed oil may induce an immune system reaction. It would be an act of inflammation reinforcement to the skin tissues that reside close to the acne skin. Inflammation can also cause excessive redness and pimps to appear on the teenagers’ skin. That is why the use of black seed oil by teenagers is strongly forbidden should acne is active.

Finally, people using lots of black seed oil may develop focused hyperhidrosis on their skin. It is an abnormal reaction of the sweat glands that occurs due to the high water volume in the bloodstream. Especially during the summer, hyperhidrosis can be a severe skin side effect, which could impact the quality of life of people consuming black seed oil.

Black seed oil side effect on liver

It is well-known that the liver is the chemical compound laboratory of the human body. The purpose of each medication is to overlap the liver blood circulation since the liver can deactivate it. Talking about the black seed oil, it is obvious that eating it will enact the liver reaction for sure.

Black seed oil that is passing the gastrointestinal tube will pass from the liver cells after a few hours. You will be amazed by the hypersensitivity of this passing through. For people that have higher levels of liver enzymes in their bloodstream, black seed oil consumption may become dangerous.

The molecules that derive from the decomposition of black seed oil could harm the liver cells and produce fatty acids. It could be the first step for cirrhosis, which is the permanent destruction of liver function and a serious reason for impairment.

Moreover, the black seed oil overdose can create a well-known medical condition known as lithiasis. It depicts the creation of bile duct stones that happens in the duodenum. Many people would develop such a condition after the chronic use of extreme black seed oil quantities.

The lithiasis may lead to a severe medical condition that is called icterus. It will make your skin tissues, white eyeballs, and other parts of your body to take a yellow color. This could be due to the bilirubin that secretes in the bloodstream from your liver. 

Many times, this is an acute surgical condition that needs immediate insertion to the operating room for the person that suffers from it. The black seed oil has the ability to drain water from the intestine system and usually proceeds to the situation described here.

Finally, black seed oil may limit the ability of your liver to digest and metabolize other substances like alcohol. Usually, people that consume lots of black seed oil have issues with drinking since the alcohol blood levels can rise to dangerous levels.

Thus, their ability to drive and operate machinery could be severely impacted. That is why black seed oil should have a moderate comsumption if you want your liver to be always in its best natural shape.


People have been using Black seed oil for thousands of years. In every eastern civilization, you may find a recipe that contains black seed oil to some part.

There are many pieces of research and studies that have shown the beneficial action of black seed oil to humans. However, this is combined with the limited use of black seed oil. Problems always derive from the excessive use of such substances.

You have to talk to your physician before engaging in the consumption of black seed oil. He is the only person able to give you a firm answer about the consumption of black seed oil compared to your medical history.

Black seed oil is usually available in capsules and liquid from online stores. Every food and drug administration across the world consults consumers to be very selective with supplements that contain black seed oil. 

Needless to say that the overconsumption can result in Black seed oil side effects that are described above. Reach your optimal quantity gradually and see yourself benefit from such natural extracts. Many new studies are answering the question of the optimal black seed oil consumption. 

Stay tuned to know all the news about black seed oil products. You will be the one to enjoy the anti-aging and refreshing benefits of black seed oil without the need to sustain any harmful reactions.

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