Benefits Of Juicing Spinach

Who hasn’t saw the beloved childhood cartoon of Popeye the sailor-man, the regular scene of Popeye that he open a tin filled with spinach. it gave him superpower and enlarge his biceps. Since a very long time spinach has been a part of the human’s dining table and the evidences were found revealed that the first who used spinach and ate it was the Persians, but spinach was used in almost every culture in the countries in East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and also in the Mediterranean. Spinach widespread wasn’t just because people like to eat it in breakfast, but also because it can be planted in all seasons which makes it cheap and easy to get.

This awesome green plant that believed to obtain remarkable abilities drove attention towards it and still do so, because of the many health benefits of consuming it and the immense amounts of nutrients that lie within its leaves. Spinach is a spring crop however as mentioned above it can be found all year around, and many think it is one of the best foods that one can add to their diet irrespective of the way it is been prepared, however the best ways to eat spinach are the methods that expose it to less heat as possible because of the manner heat can destroy some types of the nutrients within, this is where the idea of juicing spinach came from.

Spinach Juice

Juicing spinach allows you to get all of the antioxidants and vitamins that can be lost in the cooking process, and to reduce the soft metallic taste of the spinach leaves that some are not fond of it can be mixed with other vegetables or fruits, however many consider making juice out of the fresh leaves is one of the best ways to prepare spinach, the juice is tasty, refreshing, and have a nice touch of retaining ones strength. Recipes for the spinach juice are so many and are popular everywhere because of how simple is to make spinach juice, one of the simplest ways is to thoroughly wash the spinach leaves first and then place the leaves directly in the juice making machine which will do the rest and just pour the drink and you are good to go!

Different recipes may include the addition of other ingredients to sweeten the juice, the most famous one is the use of apple juice which is a splendid ingredient for this job. But one of my favorite recipes for making a very tasty spinach juice contains a mixture of a fistful of small spinach leaves, cucumber sliced into small pieces, one lime that is peeled and also cut, and a small amount of nice clean mint leaves and the juice is made by pushing all of the above into the juice making machine and adding a cup of water, as easy as it seems the result is a delicious juice.

Including spinach especially spinach juice into your diet can be beneficial to a great extent to your body as advised by almost every nutritionist and researcher in the field, as many refer to spinach as one of the healthiest foods in the world.

The benefits of spinach juice

Different studies have shown that this dark to medium leaf of the spinach plant inhold tons of substances that can be crucial to the human body’s health, and even many medicines and supplements were made out of the spinach plant, however nutritionists advice that the best way to get the best out of spinach is by consuming the raw and fresh leaves and juicing spinach is a remarkable way to do so.

To have a good idea about the benefits of spinach juice one needs first to know what a spinach cup hold inside:

First its richness in vitamin A that can be as much as 2800 UI (international units), important minerals like potassium and magnesium 167 and 24 milligrams respectively, the iron levels in a cup are 0.81 of a gram, protein in one cup is 0.86 of a gram, and it is very low in calories as low as 7 calories per one cup of spinach.

Yielding the following spinach juice benefits

  1. Great ability in obstructing the carcinogenic effects of many heterocyclic amines (HCAs) that have an effect of participating in the uncontrolled change of particular cells and cause many cancers. This blocking ability comes as a result of the high levels of chlorophyll in the spinach leaves indicated by the dark green color of the fresh leaf.
  2. Prevent certain respiratory conditions and diseases like asthma, studies have shown that the chances of getting asthma can be minimized by following a diet that include significant amounts of certain nutrients. Spinach happen to be one of the advised foods in this category.
  3. Spinach juice is high in potassium levels which is fairly great in regulating the blood pressure, and though it is highly recommended for people who have a hard time controlling their blood pressure levels in addition to other blood pressure medicines. And the numbers attest the claims in this manner to a noteworthy extent.
  4. The juice’s plentiful amount of water and fibers can play a good role in helping the digestive system perform effectively resulting in a good digestive tract with the benefit of preventing constipation and other related problems.
  5. Building healthy and strong bones for children and young people because of the amounts of vitamin K, this vitamin’s crucial value comes from the way it adjusts the matrix proteins within the bones enhancing the intake of calcium and decreasing the levels the body loses during the process of urination.
  6. How much it is low in calories make spinach juice wonderful for many diets, and the refreshing feeling of retaining strength after drinking spinach juice can form an impressive boost to start your training or any kind of sport. Help fighting obesity contribute to the activities of losing weight and also help getting off energy drinks.
  7. When it comes to the field of beauty and body care nutrients in the spinach juice participate in many methods taking in consideration how spinach is high in iron this can be of great aid preventing hair loss due to the low iron consumption, vitamin A is major when it comes to influencing both the skin and hair to produce appropriate amounts of oil that can give a good and healthy look.
  8. Spinach juice is excellent to get your daily amount of vitamin C. One hundred grams of spinach can contain as much amount of vitamin C as 130 milligrams, this vitamin contributes in many operations like the growth and restoration of almost all body tissue, and the process of building and preserving collagen that shapes the skin and hair formation.

Reading about this super juice of spinach and comprehending how much it can be an awesome addition to your every day’s diet, we hope that everyone give it a try and contribute to raise the awareness about healthy ways of eating.

Benefits Of Juicing Spinach
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Benefits Of Juicing Spinach

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