Benefits Of Green Tea With Lemon

10 Reasons Why Green Tea With Lemon Is Good For a Healthy Life

Green tea is something that goes without saying is a boon for your health. Native to India and China Green tea has been cheered and acclaimed enthusiastically for its health benefits which include containing beneficial polyphenols and the tea itself being made from unoxidized leaves which has the most antioxidants. But what most people don’t know that there are a lot of benefits of green tea with lemon. Lemon is a classic blending offering a complementary flavor to make a soothing green tea. Green tea is often experimented with many different add-ins to maximize its benefits and most preferably lemon .The perfect combination offers particular health benefits.

Moreover, raw lemon juice is rich in foliate, potassium and vitamin C, more precisely a cup of raw lemon juice can give up to 187% of your daily vitamin C in take.

Did you know?

  • Green tea with lemon juice has been used as traditional medicine in India and China
  • It has been used to ward off a range of diseases including the deadly cancer ailment
  • It enhance the brain’s cognitive functions more importantly the working memory
  • Green tea is available in 5 types which are: as a loose leaf, in single tea bags, in instant powder, in bottled artificial sweetener and in green tea supplements.

Benefits of green tea with lemon

It helps with loosing weight

Epiggalocatechin gallate (EGCG) the most useful catechin found in green tea can help you shed that extra weight naturally. It teams up with other green tea catechins to boost your metabolism by increasing the thermionic activities in your body. Lemon is rich in poly-phenol as well as pectin and these compounds usually work together to decrease the absorption of fat and as a fat blocker, pectin also makes you feel full and naturally limit your food intake.

Catechin Absorption

Your body can absorb nearly six times more catechins by combining lemson juice with your green tea through the acidic content in lemon helping to break down the catechin thus increasing the amount catechin absorption. The acidic environment of lemon reduces to a greater extent certain compounds in green tea that inhibits your ability to absorb iron from foods.

Natural Energy Booster

The caffeine in green tea provides a much needed energy boost in your body. The energy boost in green tea is slowly absorbed into the body keeping you energized for longer hours. It has been found that adding lemon juice into the green tea helps in the increasing of the availability of catechins thus resulting in increased fat oxidation and improved metabolism.

Improve skin complexion

Green tea is beneficial for the skin. It helps to improve your skin complexion, prevents acne and makes your skin looks young, and when paired the green tea with lemon juice the properties are just awesome. Like green lemon juice also helps in controlling oil production in your skin, giving you oil free and acne free skin. Vitamins are valuable for a healthy and shiny hair making it as one of the health benefits of green tea with lemon for your hair.

Powerful Antioxidant

Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant present in lemon is vital for developmental and repair of body tissues. The juice from vitamin C holds 18.6 milligrams of vitamin C per serving. The benefits of Vitamin C include; protection of skin, blood vessels, bones, ligaments and cartilages and producing scar tissue necessary for healing of your body wounds.

Prevent Heart Diseases

Did you know that people with heart diseases are advised by their doctors to consume a drink containing a combination of green tea and lemon juice?

This is why. This drink burns down the cholesterol levels, which are attributed to blocking the arteries. You need to know the right dosage as per prescription to produce the desired results thus this drink serves good for a healthy heart.

Good for your liver health

The lemon helps in cleansing the liver thus facilitating production of more bile useful for digestion. The repair of liver cells and their fresh growth is highly attributed by regular consumption of this drink. The lemon generates the citric acid which effectively exploits the enzyme function resulting to a stimulation of the liver which aids in detoxification.

Maintenance Blood Pressure

Drinking green tea is an easy approach to maintain your blood pressure as it is a source of Epiggalocatechin gallate (ECGCG), a bioactive compound that helps in regulating proper flow of blood through veins.

Flu Treatment

That is very true indeed. Lemon juice is known to prevent the effects of cold and flu from your body system. It provides a wall acting as a strong resistance against a bad cold. Lemon juice builds a strong immune system through a composition of anti-oxidants.and combining with the green tea greatly reduces the flu.

Taste Improve

Green tea, when paired with lemon juice tastes better, thus acting as a sweetening agent. Just be careful not to pour too much lemon juice.

Green tea with lemon is one of the most economical and not to mention tastiest way of imparting a good health benefits in your body. The healthy beverage can be made easily under your roof at home or more preferably at your workplace by adding a green tea bag and a slice of lemon into your hot water. That is all you need and you are more than sorted! Noticeable changes will be experienced on your body which are too good to be believed. Live strong and stay healthy!

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