Garlic And Honey health benefits

6 Things About Garlic And Honey And Why You Should Use Them

Some of the most important natural plants are garlic and honey. They have been serving humanity for more thousands of years. Should you know how to use them, they can offer you solutions to any issue.

We all know the great power of garlic and honey for our health. They are both precious for many reasons. Like all things in nature, their use should be balanced. Garlic has been a great alternative for people that want to give a great taste to their food without adding salt. Honey has been the sole alternative to sugar that boosts the flavor of homemade sweets.

You may extract garlic and honey from natural sources. Most of the time, garlic keeps on being in the ground as a root. Honey is complex to create since the presence of bees is necessary.

Here is a short review of the benefits of these two natural plants. Ensure you always have some of them in your kitchen.

Is honey and garlic good for you?

Honey and garlic are doing a great job of protecting your overall health. Garlic comes to you directly from the ground as a ready-to-consume root. It contains some of the most viable anti-oxidants that keep on giving you high energy levels throughout the day.

One of the most severe benefits that garlic can offer you is blood pressure control. Garlic has some sulfuric compounds inside. They can directly interact with your blood pressure receptors and significantly reduce your higher values.

People that eat garlic daily are more likely to score lower on the blood pressure measurement sessions. In this way, raw garlic and garlic powder are very effective in reducing the incidence of strokes and heart attacks.

Honey, on the other hand, keeps on being the food of Gods. Ancient civilizations, like the Egyptian one, have identified the benefits of honey for human health. Cleopatra has been the very first ruler to enjoy a bath with milk and honey so that her skin would be hydrated.

Honey in modern civilizations is the food of choice for diabetics. It has natural sugars that do not interfere with your pancreatic way to secrete insulin. In this way, you can be sure that consuming honey, will not give you any hikes in your blood sugar levels that may lead to severe health incidents.

Moreover, you can always use honey as an ointment for burns. People who suffer from skin inflammations use honey to get over the consequences of the disease. Additionally, honey can be the right food for people with gastrointestinal issues. 

For all these reasons, the use of honey in modern cuisine has increased. People from all around the globe need honey to feel energetic and relieved from their daily anxiety.

How to prepare garlic and honey?

Garlic is an easy ingredient to prepare. You just need to have a mortar where you smash it after you have removed the outer shells. Then you can add some pure extra virgin olive oil and create a paste that you may keep in your refrigerator for future use.

This garlic paste can give flavor to all your foods and offer you extra credits in creating your favorite recipes. Garlic also gets along well with butter and other butter-like substances. 

Many people use this garlic butter to spread over toasted bread and make the best appetizers. Another outstanding garlic preparation keeps on being the dried garlic powder. This powder comes from the garlic extracts and contains salt and sugar. Usually, it is ready to use on soups and salads, offering a unique taste to your dinner.

On the other hand, honey keeps on being the master of your kitchen. You may use it on all possible recipes instead of sugar. When you collect it from the bees, it comes in a solid phase. Then you may add it inside dows and sweets that come in liquid shape.

Many people enjoy adding honey in their hot beverages. It gives them a flavor that doesn’t compare to the sugar one. Others would easily add it to sauces and dressings for salads. We all know the famous honey mustard sauce that combines the sour taste of mustard alongside the sweet honey flavor.

Honey is also the best companion for yogurt. Every time you are eager to have a fast dessert, honey could make it feasible for you. Another great use of honey is in marinades and meat sauces that prepare excellent portions of meat to broil. 

Overall, both garlic and honey can get along well with each other. You can be the one to thrive in your kitchen should you use these foods regularly.

Is garlic and honey good for weight loss?

There has been a great debate about the weight loss abilities of garlic. The truth is that there is no connection between garlic consumption and weight loss. However, people that consume lots of garlic are more probable to lose weight.

It happens because garlic makes other food and vegetables to taste yummy. When adding more garlic to your ordinary food, you end up eating less. It is something that no dietician could deny, and man surveys have also proved that point.

Other people state that sulfuric substances in garlic increase gas production in your stomach. It can give you a sense of fullness way before you start feeling full. Thus, you stop eating, and this could be an excellent way to lose weight.

Going on to honey, we can say that it is the number one food for people who need to lose weight. It could replace sugar in any kind of food. Not to mention that is has a lower glycemic profile than the other sweeteners. 

In other words, it helps you avoid the hikes of insulin in your blood that cause you to accumulate fat. Honey gives your body a chance to absorb the energy it unleashes to your body. Rarely does it creates the need to increase the fat cells and can be useful to people that would like to lose weight.

Honey is also a mood stabilizer. Since we know that obesity is primarily a mental problem, honey can penetrate to the appetite receptors of your brain. It is not rare to see people calm their eagerness for food simply by consuming a single teaspoon of honey.

Garlic and honey, although they usually don’t mix, can be your best friends in your effort to lose weight.

Can garlic and honey cure infection?

Many reviewers have tried to prove that garlic is the best thing you could have for infection healing. It contains several molecules that can slow down the proliferation of infectious diseases in your body.

In earlier years, when the antibiotics were not yet invented, garlic has been the sole source of anti-microbial activity. Ancient doctors were using garlic dissolved in oil to poor over the open wounds. Not to mention that yeast, fungi and intestine parasites are all removed when there is a garlic presence.

Lately, we have seen many prescription drugs having garlic into their synthesis. It means that its sulfuric substances do interfere with the most vulnerable paths of human metabolism. That is why garlic is recognized to be the simplest and most effective disinfectant of all times.

Dealing with honey things are pretty much the same. People used to have many remedies that base their effective action on honey. Bees are secreting honey and several other flavonoid substances which have a special antiseptic action.

Moreover, internal infections that have to do with imbalances in the normal intestinal flora can disappear with the use of honey. In general, honey can have a relieving action on your body and let you get over the hypes caused by sugar.

Anti-oxidant action is another great feature that only honey can provide for yourself. In case of an active infection, honey can also give you the fastest cure if you apply it directly to the wound. Just make sure that you are not giving honey to newborns under six months of age. It is widely accepted that botulinum toxin may hide there which could be a severe and fatal situation for such a young organism.

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Eating garlic and honey on empty stomach

Eating garlic on an empty stomach is going to give you a hard time digesting it. Garlic is always provoking many gases and it can increase the volume of your stomach respectively. In this way, you need to be sure about the special stamina that your stomach can show to the raw garlic consumption.

It should be wise to have some food before you start consuming raw garlic. However, if it is necessary to have it, ensure that you are drinking plenty of water. It can give you the freshness you need to keep on working and moving without any stomach disturbance.

People who consume garlic on an empty stomach are usually burping a lot. This may be hard to sustain in case you are working with other people. The smell of garlic that is deriving from your breath or even worst your skin pores can be annoying to a certain segment of the population.

On the other hand, honey is the best thing you can do for your empty stomach. In general, it will not give you any harm and will ease the pain that is felt when you suffer from an ulcer. People that have constant stomach aches are more probable to consume raw honey just to ease the symptoms.

Additionally, it is common knowledge that warm water with honey would be the best breakfast for all people who have a hangover. Even though you had a severe alcohol intoxication, you can be cured eating honey with an empty stomach. 

Garlic and honey side effects

There are certain side effects associated with garlic consumption. First, you will smell awful to other people. Not anyone can stand the smell of garlic close to him, so beware of the portions you consume.

Additionally, garlic may lower your blood pressure to such an extent that you are not able to perform your daily activities. It can be lethal for people who need their balance all the time like the ones working in construction workplaces.

Moreover, garlic can also make your skin look rougher and yellower than it usually is. You will be amazed by the dehydrating abilities of garlic to your skin. Another side effect has to do with your appetite. Usually, garlic reduces your appetite and this may be hard for people that are struggling to deal with anorexia nervosa.

A possible side effect could be interference with other blood-clotting agents. Garlic can make your bleeding last a lot longer and this could be fatal in case of a massive surgery.

Finally, when you are diabetic garlic can also lower your blood sugar to unprecedented levels. It can get you close to the acidosis rim which could be fatal for your health if left unattended.

Honey, is a rather innocent agent that cannot cause many side effects to people consuming it. Except for people that are consuming large quantities of honey in a short time, honey cannot seriously affect your blood sugar levels.

However, since it is made from natural herbal extracts honey can involve pollen inside. It means that it can give many allergic reactions to people that consume it. 

All these side effects are present but self-limiting their appearance. Garlic and honey that get inside formulations and recipes are not having any serious side effects for consumers.


Both garlic and honey are some of the best plants in nature that help us preserve our health. However, you need to know their origin and always try to find the best of them.

It would be useful to know that both plants are having a long-term expiry date. They don’t go bad if you keep them at the right temperature and humidity conditions. They are presents of mother nature to humans and thus we should be proud to consume them.

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