benefits of eating dates

Dates is a kind of fruit due to its origins in the Middle East and has many types of countless and countless .. Dates contain many vitamins and fiber useful for health characterized by minerals and high calories and sugar and the reason that taste very sweet. Used as a substitute for sugar and also added as a component in the manufacture of sweets ..

There are a lot of scientifically proven health benefits of eating dates. Dates are rich with vitamins and proteins. it can make your bones stronger and in a better health.

And also one of the benefits of eating dates that it increases the speed of bowel movement and facilitates the extraction of waste products from the body .. Fiber dates help the digestive system and reduce the incidence of constipation .. Blood .. that dates antioxidant reduces the incidence of diseases ..

It is also common and strange that antioxidant-rich dates reduce the risk of human cancer, as we always hear our mothers advised to address often to relatives and neighbor in the last months of pregnancy because it helps in the open and birth relative to control Digged Z and cervical flattening .. As stated in the verse of Mary .. (and this to you with the trunk of the palm falling on you wet genetically ..) Wet here in the sense of dates ..

And also contains a very good proportion of sugar fructose responsible for the sweet taste of that we mix With water in the blender and used in the manufacture of sweets dates are an alternative to sugar .. Once I heard the doctor advises the elderly because it reduces the risk of brain damage or encephalitis or Alzheimer’s ..

The mother is keen to take her baby in the morning seven pills a day help her child’s body that Get rid of any toxins exposed during the day and also because the potassium found in dates helps to build biting Lattes the body .. And reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood ..

It contains a compound called (organic sulfur), which helps to alleviate or reduce the sensitivity helps fiber in the dates Prevention of diseases of the digestive system ..

Blood increases the proportion of the presence of iron in it is a common miscarriage of the child in the first months of pregnancy because it controls the constriction and flattening of the cervix ..

It is said that the benefits of dates increases fertility and seven pills of dates every morning protect the human body from magic and toxins Strengthens the immune and bone of the common habits In some countries give the dates boiled and filtered with milk to the breastfeeding and immediately after birth helps to generate milk used dates as juice after boiling and added some ingredients in it as a component ginger in a certain way they prepare in the State of Sudan in the Eid al-Adha two days in a dark place for fermentation and drink after breakfast in the first days Eid al-Adha Note that meat is slow indigestion so dates juice helps to increase the intestinal movement,

which facilitates the digestion of meat faster … Is a high energy source of the presence of iron and magnesium laxative natural constipation and healthy teeth. Mom uses dates at home to make date jams by adding other flavors to deal with the cream in breakfast ..

I advise everyone to eat an individual number of dates each morning because it is very useful for health and strengthens the heart muscles.

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