Benefits Of Dandelion Tea

Dandelion or as they call it “Molita” in North Sudan, is one of the most interesting plants in the world. specialists did a lot of research on it and found some interesting results which we will share in this article. so how many benefits of dandelion have they found?

Dandelion has a lot of helpful materials that our body needed. it cures more than 50 diseases including diabetes, jaundice, and typhoid. Not only that, but it also has the ability to kill cancer cells. Moreover, it helps a lot in losing weight because it decreases the number of fats in the arteries. it goes deeper inside it and burns all fats on its way. Dandelion also has stationary fats which means that if you ate it, it won’t increase the fats level in your body, but at the same time, it increase it as much as your body needs. Also, it gives luster to your skin and removes any acnes in your face.

Where do dandelions grow?

Dandelions have been established in the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand amongst many other temperate regions such as Austria, Italy, Poland, and Turkey and throughout the United States.

But in my opinion, the best place to get it is North Sudan because it grows beside the river Nile naturally without any Fertilizers.

What time of year do dandelions grow?

It grows from May to October

Is dandelion tea good for you?

Deffenatelly, if you just read all the benefits of dandelion you will understand how important it is for your body and you will be motivated to eat some of it every day. it’s rare to find a plant like this, and I wish that people read more about it and take it seriously in order to improve their health.

How to eat it?

Just give it a wash or two and eat it directly. I don’t recommend to cook it because cooking will make it lose some of it’s benefits.

What does dandelion taste like?

It’s actually has a Bitter taste, don’t expect something sweet. it just like when you eat a leave from a tree. but if you look at what it can bring to your body you won’t care about does it taste. it definitely worth it.

Where to buy dandelion?

I think the best country that sells this plant is North Sudan. and that because of what I said before that it grows naturally beside the river without any Fertilizers.

Dandelion is really one of the best plants I have ever heard of, and it definitely worth to be the first one on my top 10 planets list.

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