Coconut Water On Skin

10 Great Benefits Of Coconut Water On Skin, Face

Coconuts are the favorite go-to element for all beauty experts for more than one reasons. Interestingly, coconuts are one of those unique nuts that are also categorized as fruits as well as seeds, and are beneficial for health and skin in all its forms from eating as is to extracting coconut oil and coconut water. This article highlights the numerous benefits of coconut water on skin and body from the magical disappearance of acne and its rigid scars to achieving a luminescent glowing skin.

What does coconut water comprise of?

With the green, brown, and then the soft, khaki layers covering the inner white pulp of the coconut, the fruit is packed with nutrients like a pearl inside its shell. As the fruit becomes ripe on the tall trees, it develops its subtle yet beachy taste with its composition of many vitamins, minerals, and sugars. One of the identifying sources of nutrition in coconuts is the phytohormones in its composition which are plant hormones responsible for maintaining a healthy growth of the fruit.

In addition to these nutrients, coconuts are also a rich source of inorganic ions. The presence of these ions along with the other nutrients in coconuts is ultimately present in coconut water as well, and drinking it can make your skin literally thank you. Albeit, the benefits of coconut water are not only limited to skin-deep beauty, but it also does wonders for your overall body health.

10 Benefits of Coconut Water on Skin and Body

Get Rid of Your Acne:

Acne is one of the most common and most irritating skin issue that all of us have faced at least at some point in our lives. The lauric acid present in coconuts and hence in coconut water is known to be a good combat for the acne causing bacteria on and in our skin. Drinking coconut water regularly can prove to be not only a preventative but also a healing remedy for skin acne.

Speed Up Recovery of Psoriasis:

Coconut water has been found to be an effective remedy for treating psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition, mainly emerging from dehydration in combination with other causes, that forms red and scaly patches on skin resulting in itchiness and other symptoms. Because this condition is usually caused from dehydration and because coconut water is an extremely hydrating drink, it is highly recommended.

Glow a little more:

Coconut water is a beauty ingredient, and people have sworn by its effectiveness for a glowing skin. In fact, washing your face regularly with coconut water can bring a fresh glow to your skin within only a few days.

Tone Up:

Moisturizing your skin is an essential part of a healthy daily skin care regime. Instead of having to purchase expensive branded moisturizers for your skin, simply apply coconut water on your skin with a cotton or directly as you would a moisturizer. Using coconut water as a moisturizer is great for toning uneven skin tones while maintaining the natural oil secretion. This moisturizer is especially effective for oily skin.

Coconut Water On Skin

Reverse Sun Tan on Skin:

Going to the beach and coming back with a bad tan can totally give you second thoughts about going back there again. Fortunately, the coconut water is a great remedy for that sun tan you want to get rid of. By mixing coconut water with some fuller’s earth and applying it on your skin, you can treat your sun tan and achieve a beautiful glow.

Excreting all the toxins:

Blackheads, acne, and several other skin problems arise when the body is internally not very clean i.e. when there are toxins in the body that are not flushed out. Drinking coconut water can do as much as cleanse your body internally by helping remove the toxins from your body through the presence of antioxidants in the drink. This can lead to a healthy, clean skin.

Lose No More Hair:

Hair loss is a quite common issue these days especially with the amount of hair damage inflicted by several chemical treatments and what not. However, while you may already be aware of what coconut oil can do, there are benefits of coconut water on skin and even hair. Hair breakage and hair fall basically occurs for many reasons of which one is poor blood circulation. Application of coconut water to hair by spraying it on or rinsing with it and then massaging it into the scalp can improve blood circulation as well as strengthen the roots of your hair.

Smoothen that Frizz:

Humidity can cause your hair to be a frizzy mess. This is usually the case with dry and thin hair. Since coconut water is a hydrating remedy, it can smooth out the frizz in your hair and leave a layer of shine with the moisture locked into your hair length.

Fight off bacteria:

One of the most prominent benefits of coconut water on skin are its anti-bacterial properties. Topical application of coconut water on scalp or anywhere on the skin can treat fungal infections or other issues including dandruff. This property of coconut water is what makes it great for hair growth as well as it combats any bacterial growths that are preventing or slowing down your hair growth rate.

Power Up:

Did you know that coconut water is used as an alternative to sports drinks? It is note worthy that this natural drink provides just as much energy and hydration as a store bought sports drink. In comparison, not only is coconut water as a sports drink an extremely economic choice, but also it is a safer and more healthier substitute.

These benefits of coconut water on skin and body health are interesting to not only read, but also to observe in yourself as you adopt the practice of drinking this nature’s water regularly.

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