Chia Seeds in water benefits

5 Amazing Facts About Chia Seeds In Water

Chia seeds is originated from North and South America, especially from Mexico and Guatemala. The name chia which means strength is a reflection that Chia seed contains a number of amino acids. The protein content of Chia seeds is about 20% as well as strontium, which helps to aid protein production and also help produce high levels of energy.

Chia seeds are a nutritious super food that contains the richest known natural source of omega-3 plants. In addition, chia seeds are also an excellent source of fiber, calcium and antioxidants properties. You can use chia seeds for their energizing properties or to reduce cravings when soaked in water. Since these amazing seeds have a high content of soluble fiber, they release their energy slowly after consumption. This will give you a sustainable energy level throughout the day. This makes it a great way to regulate nutrient retention in your body and maintain a good balance of electrolytes.

When Chia seeds is soaked in water it helps protect the digestive tract, also they do not need to be ground before you can drink chia seed. You can sprinkle it on a salad or cereal, add it to your yoghurt or even pour it into a smoothie. When buying chia seeds, you should always be careful to buy those that are organically grown and contain no harmful chemicals, pesticides or heavy metals. Chia seeds are a very nutritious and natural food, they are tasteless and crispy. For this reason, you can assume that many more of these healthy seeds are contained in foods. One of the most popular ways to use Chia seeds is Chia Fresca, a very popular drink in Central America. Just mix two teaspoons of seed with eight to ten ounces of water. Then add a little sugar, lemon or lime juice and you get a healthy drink.

5 Amazing facts about chia seeds in water

  • Chia seeds can take nine times their own weight in water, making them ideal for maintaining hydration and electrolyte balance.
  • Chai seeds in water contain an element called strontium, which helps to improve bone mineral density in osteoporotic patients.
  • The combination of omega-3 and fiber of chia seeds in water is believed to reduce the risk of heart disease and related problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Chia seed in water is also ideal for weight loss because you can feel full for longer without feeling hungry and maintain a balanced sugar level.
  • Missionaries and Indians of the past used chia seeds in water to heal wounds. Chia is an anti-inflammatory food and it is believed that the near-perfect balance of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids protects against inflammation such as arthritis when consumed.

Ways to use chia seeds

  • Chia seeds are usually sold whole, but can also be ground. They are extremely mild and give barley any flavor when added to other foods. Enjoyed alone, it tastes light yet unmistakably earthy.
  • Chia seeds may be added to fresh water, fruit juices, smoothies, nutmeg or other liquids or chewed dry. If you choose to have them outdoors, be sure to be completely hydrated, or take a glass of water with you, as they absorb fluid to hydrate, which can leave you with a little more fluid.

Some benefits of chia seeds in water

Chia Seeds in water
Chia seeds

Chia seeds in water contain no gluten which means it is gluten free and it is also a good source of calcium. They should also help reduce your appetite. When chia seeds are soaked in water, they swell up and take on gel like appearance. When chia seeds are mixed with water, they contain many omega-3 oils. In fact, 60 percent of their fats are omega-3 oils and particularly rich in alpha-linolenic acid. They can therefore help lower cholesterol levels.

Listed below are some of the benefits of chia seeds in water:

Helps to balance the blood sugar in the body.

When the body’s blood sugar rises due to consumption of starchy or sugary foods, the result is an energy loss after the blood sugar level has dropped. You would feel restless without energy. When your blood sugar level rises, you have more energy and less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. When you drink chia seeds in water, the gel around the seed and the fact that it consists of insoluble and soluble fibers, which means that it slows down the conversion of starch into sugar by the body.

Vitamins and minerals

Chia seeds in water contain exceptional amounts of good fats, including essential omegas. Omega-3s are much harder to find but Omega 6 fatty acids can be found in many food content. The Omega-3 fatty acid present in chia seed are essential because the body does not produce them. However, they are essential for the proper functioning of most of our vital organs and must therefore be included in our diet.

This small seed when in water also contains high levels of protein and 19 amino acids, making it an almost complete source of protein. They also have a high content of calcium and magnesium and are a good source of fiber.

Diabetes Prevention

Chia seeds in water helps in the regulation of blood sugar and also help to prevent diabetes. It also help slows down digestion and is therefore being investigated as a possible treatment for non-insulin-dependent diabetes.


When free radicals can occupy your body for a very long time; Inflammation, weakening of the immune system and occurrence of diseases in the body; could be the end result. Chia seeds in water can help you absorb enough antioxidants to absorb free radicals.

Note: Chia seeds can be used to replace eggs by mixing them with water and rest for 15 minutes. The mixture can still be used for cooking, is vegan and contains a lot of protein.

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