Beetroot And Carrot juice health benefits

8 Reasons why you should drink Beetroot and Carrot Juice

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Beetroots and carrots are nature’s own tonic for health and beauty. The two vegetables are plump with benefits on their own, but their benefits multiply when they are used together in form of beetroot and carrot juice. With its deliciously vibrant color, beetroot and carrot juice can do wonders for your skin, hair, and overall health.

Before diving into the combined benefits of beetroot and carrot juice, let’s have a look at the qualities of beetroots and carrots individually.

Qualities of Beetroots

The best quality of beetroots is its hydration. Beets are majorly composed of water; 88% to be exact. The carbohydrates found in beets are 9.6 grams on average, and are composed as simple sugars which makes them comparatively easier to digest. The high dietary fiber found in beetroots makes them an excellent snack for easing your digestive system, however, some people are prone to react adversely and have digestive discomfort due to the FODMAPS found in beetroots.

On the other hand, the vitamins and minerals in beetroot are manganese, iron, potassium, folate, and Vitamin C.

On their own, having beetroots regularly in your diet can help lower your blood pressure, increase your stamina, and are an easy snack any time in any form e.g. raw, cooked, or boiled! What a sweet vegetable!

Qualities of Carrots

The magic vegetable that we call ‘carrots’ have more benefits than you would know. Carrots, crunchy and sweet as you love them, are a great source of healthy minerals and vitamins including beta carotene, fiber, potassium, and vitamin K1. Beta carotene usually converts to vitamin A during digestion, and has been known to contribute in a decrease in the risk of cancer. What’s more? As the famous myth says that eating carrots will let you see in the dark, it is scientifically proven that carrots are known to improve your eyesight by the production of retinol, the pigment that helps you see better. And this could be added to the benefits of beetroot and carrot juice .

Did you know? Carrots are one of the most weight-friendly snacks that fill you up as well as keep your weight maintained.

Benefits of Beetroot and Carrots Juice

Now that we have studied the individual benefits of both our ingredients, let’s move on to read the combined benefits that beetroot and carrots provide.

The beetroot and carrot juice is slightly sweet in flavor, and has a blood-like consistency and color – with a slightly more purplish tint. It is often recommended by dieticians and health experts to drink beetroot and carrot juice every day.

Getting Rid of All the Toxins

Beetroot and carrot juice acts as one of the best natural detoxifiers for both your skin and your body. Drinking this juice regularly would promote the excretion of all unhealthy toxins from your body, resulting in a healthier skin and body function. Moreover, the betaine found in beets helps your liver function better, so that helps detox your blood, too.

Reduction of External and Internal Inflammation

Beetroot and carrots are both rich in nutrients and antioxidants. This makes them a good blend to heal inflammation on the skin as well as internally. On-skin inflammation includes acne and other skin problems as well, so drink away this beauty tonic, and be beautified inside and out.

Ease Digestion

Carrots are popularly known to cause easy trips to the toilet during constipation, and beetroots are high in fiber content so they make digestion easy, too. One of the benefits of beetroot and carrot juice that having it on an empty stomach makes it even more effective in helping you ease your digestion as well as to increase your metabolic rate. A fast metabolism rate usually signifies a healthy digestive system, and also aids in weight loss. Moreover, despite the sweet taste, the juice helps to maintain your blood sugar level.

Help Move Oxygen Around

Some people have lower oxygen circulation with their blood flow around the body. This is quite common in women, especially, and causes a pale appearance and purplish lips due to lack of proper blood flow. Oxygen circulation and blood flow are two separate issues but have a linked solution in form of the beetroot and carrot juice. The beetroots are a ‘nitrate’ food which aids in the relaxation of arteries, allowing easy flow of blood and proper circulation of oxygen. The improved circulation of blood and oxygen around the body, especially to the brain, also aids in mental health, and obviously reduces blood pressure. Which is one of the important benefits of beetroot and carrot juice .

Pre and Post Workout Supplement

Due to the highly nutritious and energizing properties of both the magic vegetables, beetroot and carrot juice are a great pre-workout or post-workout drink. Beetroot aid in the increment of exercise capacity and stamina, so this drink before the workout can make your workout session more effective than usual, as well as provide your body the muscle relaxation it needs if drank after workout to help soothe the inflammation.

Improves your vision

Carrots, as mentioned before, help you see better. Beets and carrots, when blended together, give you multiplied benefits by their beta carotene content that is converted to vitamin A, which is a good stimulator of the pigment in your eyes that helps you see better in the dark. It also maintains the healthy white appearance of your eyes, as well as battle the aging effects on the eyes.

Blood Production and Other Blood-Related Problem-solving

You must have guessed that the blood-like appearance of the juice would have something to do with blood. Apparently, it is true that beetroot and carrot juice can help your body produce more red blood cells, making your blood healthier and richer. This is specifically a miracle drink for those who suffer from anemic disorders. Moreover, this juice is known to help ease the symptoms of menopause and menstruation.

Contain Vitamin C

Since we called this juice a beauty tonic, vitamin C in the ingredients gets the credit for its beautifying properties. Vitamin C in the beetroot and carrot juice helps even out the skin complexion, reduce wrinkles and aging symptoms, as well as gives a healthy glow to the skin.

This long list of benefits of beetroot and carrot juice proves just how healthy this beverage is. Have it on a hot summer day with some mint, and enjoy its deliciousness and its benefits!


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