Are bananas good for diabetics

Are Bananas Good For Diabetics?

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Bananas are one of the fruits that have always rose an important question about its effect regarding to blood sugar levels, because of how bananas are high in carbs, which is a nutrient that is able to raise the blood sugar concentration more than other nutrients, doctors and nutritionists are frequently asked are bananas good for diabetics?.

One of the key factors of having good health is to keep track of what we eat. in particular situations, it becomes crucial to measure the nutrition information of each meal, one of such situations is of someone who is diabetic, he or she will have to know the exact contents of food that he eats. One might think that fruits and vegetables are the healthiest choices but for diabetic person you should take in mind that some have the ability to increase sugar levels in your blood. And that’s why you see some doctors advice diabetics to eat only one fruit a day

Basic Facts about Bananas

What we simply call a banana is a fruit that comes from the Musaceae family of flowering tropical plants, its scientific name is Musa, and according to Phytologists banana plants are considered to be berries because of the way they are attained from a flower with just one female reproductive organ which holds inside one or more fertilized grains.

It is a very popular food crop all around the world that is the result of its uncomplicated growing methods, not many requirements, and the adjustable dimensions of the plant to the available space. A large amount of studies with banana fruits as the main subject have shown that bananas are an excellent source of nutrients such as fibers and antioxidants, when consumed properly.

Delightful and Yellow That Is Not All

There are various types of the banana fruits, you may know the most common one of them which is the dessert banana also known as the Cavendish recognized for its yellow peels, but there are also other types such as the Plantain or the Green Bananawith the less sweeter taste, also there is the Red Banana it’s a sweeter and more creamy type plus other types and verities of the fruit.

The health benefits of the fruit are mostly centralized about its richness in Potassium, this electrolyte which carries a small electrical charge is a very important mineral that our bodies need to do vital processes such as maintaining healthy balanced amounts of water in cells, and Potassium also helps the body extracting the unneeded sodium through urination.

The proper consumption of the banana fruit is also of beneficent influence to our digestive system and the digestion processes that it does because of its high fiber levels, taking in consideration that there is no evidence that bananas put up or lead to weight gain, thus it is a good choice for those on a diet.

The Nutritional Facts for 100 grams of Raw Bananas

VitaminsQuantityDaily value Percentage %
B30.665 milligrams4%
Vitamin C8.7 milligrams10%
Energy89 kcal (kcal kilo calorie)
Protein1.09 grams
Carbs22.84 grams
Fat0.33 grams
Water74.91 grams
MineralsQuantityDaily value Percentage %
Potassium358 milligrams8%
Sodium1 milligram0%
Iron0.26 milligrams2%

Important Facts about Diabetes

There are approximately 415 million diabetic persons in the world, with type 1 the patient’s body is unable to make insulin, and this hormone enables our cells to intake the glucose from the foods to supply the cells with energy. The more common type is type 2 diabetes the patient here does not make or use the insulin normally which results in more values of glucose in the blood of the patient and this can be dangerous and cause serious problems like kidney problems and damaging to the eyes, in addition to other health issues related to blood sugar levels.

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle for Diabetics

Living healthy with diabetes is manageable, furthermore it is advised by all the doctors in order to control the disease and its implications, taking for example the very harmful effects of obesity on type 2 diabetes it is seen that a healthy lifestyle is of great advantage and patients can make sure of that by eating healthy while keeping a food log, doing sports, and other things like considering recipes that are diabetic friendly.

Eating Righteously While Diabetic

What can cause blood sugar spikes for one diabetic person may differ from that of another and vice versa, here comes the importance of individualized diet plans. However, there are advises that can be applies to every one like eating less amounts of salt this is plus to limiting our intake of added sugar,making smarter snack choices.

Also it is very advisable to have fresh fruits and vegetables as food sources for minerals and vitamins because supplements are not usually the better choice and can affect the medications and cause kidney issues. Training (being physically active) and a good diet in addition to cautiously following your doctor’s advice, one should be able to significantly reduce the risks that are associated with diabetes.

Are bananas Good for diabetics?

Yes, 2-3 bananas a week are good for people with diabetes. But this is determined by a lot of factors, one of the effective methods to decide whether a food can be of a harmful impact on the blood glucose levels of a diabetic, is to measure the value of Glycemic Index GI, this number which ranges from 0 to 100 represents a relative way of ranking carbohydrates in foods with regard to how they affect blood glucose levels. In other words the Glycemic Index tells us how slowly or how quickly a certain food capable of causing an increase in the levels of glucose in the blood; accordingly foods are classified into three categories:

  • Foods with low GI, this category have GI values between 0 and 55.
  • Foods with high GI, the GI values here are 70 and more.
  • And the mid-range Glycemic Index is considered from 56 to 69.

People with diabetes can enjoy eating foods from the first category (low GI 0 to 55), provided that the sizes of portions is carefully accounted for. As stated in the international Glycemic Index database, ripe bananas have a GI value of 51, which puts it in the first class low GI foods. For someone who is diabetic bananas are considered one of the healthy fruits, but should always take in consideration the amounts consumed and avoid the excessive portions in order to benefit from the nutrients like vitamins and minerals within the fruit.

In the year of 2017 a study was conducted on 0.5 million diabetic patients, the study was about the effect of both the high Glycemic Index GI fruits and the low GI fruits on the blood glucose levels. It was shown that although fruits with low GI values are safer and less likely to cause blood sugar spikes than high GI fruits, however both can aid in decreasing the risk of diabetes developing in the first place.

How Much Is Safe

The preferable quantity of banana fruit per day varies from one diabetic person to another depending on different factors, like how much the patient engages in physical activities or the work nature of that person, also an important element is that some diabetics are more susceptible to blood sugar spikes than others. So an important move is to always be in contact with your physician and ask for advice when it comes to how much and what is safe in order to maintain a healthy diet.

Helpful Hints When Including Bananas in a Diabetes Meal Plan

Generally bananas are considered good to our health because of the potassium dosage, the very small amount of saturated fat, and how rich in fibers the fruit is. The healthiest choice for people with diabetes is the consumption of fresh bananas so that they can fully take advantage of the nutrient dense fruit, with that being said it is important to note that the preparation methods are a key factor when it comes to the effect of bananas on the blood glucose levels.

some processes may cause it to be less suitable for diabetics, so it is advised to carefully account for that. The succeeding tips to aid a diabetic patient carefully include bananas into their meal:

  • One of the easiest ways to slow down and control the increase in the levels of blood sugar is considering under ripe bananas, those have a high value of starch than ripe bananas, starch also called amylum is a type of carbohydrates composed of many glucose units joined by bonds (glycosidic bonds), most green plants produce starch as a way of storing energy. Starch being a more complex form of sugar our bodies takes more time to break it down, thus it is less likely to induce blood sugar spikes making it a healthier choice.
  • Being cautious about the processed fruits, sometimes additional sugars maybe introduced to better the favors, such sugars may affect the glucose levels in the blood, so it is very important for a diabetic person to always check the nutrition labels on their foods.
  • One of the key factors of controlling diabetes is to be fully informed about the carbs we eat, it is even advised to measure carbohydrates per meal, one banana of a medium size has approximately 22.8 grams of carbs that is why sometimes diabetics are guided to eat bananas of the small size in order to limit the intake of carbs.
  • Another way is to include bananas with sources of monounsaturated fats such as walnuts, this pair can make you feel fuller for a longer time which is of great aid in controlling blood sugar levels, plus it is a delicious choice that enhances the flavor.

Finally it is important to point out that fresh vegetables and fruits are principal foods, for those who are diabetic, and bananas can be one of the great options health and also taste wise, but this only if eaten in a reasonable manner it is really beneficial to our bodies especially as a part of an individual based balanced diet plan.

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